15 Golden Secrets Rule That Will Make You Successful


There are 15 secrets about Time management, Habits and Productivity only a small number of successful people know them after reading this article you’ll become one of them of course you won’t be able to use all 15 secrets but if you start using at least one of them or two or three your day will be much more productive than now if you find this article useful don’t forget to share it with your friends, we all have the same amount of time yet some people are wasting it some are not making the most of it I hope you’ll see how much time you have in the day in this article you’re gonna learn how you can make the most out of yourself every day.

#Golden Rule No – 1

Time is the most valuable and scarcest resource 1440 is a number that can change your life this number is the number of minutes we have in a single day people who know all the 15 secrets choose the most suitable for them however the common thread is that they speak about time and its value in the 1 minute you can manage to do some pretty useful things for yourself bang out a few push-ups or squats or for example you can tell someone that you love them or show appreciation or return a favor within a minute you can have a breakthrough idea which will help you reach new heights and grow professionally once you realize the importance of every minute you’re not gonna let people steal your time with trivial things you have a certain amount of minutes at your disposal every day but so much of them are just wasted minutes.

#Golden Rule No – 2

Identify the most important task and do it first a psychologist Dan Ariely says that most people are productive in the first two hours of the morning but most of us just laze around stroll to work open up emails we start working on other people’s important tasks by answering their emails and all that stuff but before we respond to a text before we listen to voice messages or get to our work duties we should work on important things for ourselves.

#Golden Rule No – 3

Work from your calendar not a to-do list stop using the to-do list if you ask any millionaire or even a billionaire to tell you their secret of success they will never mention a to-do list besides they will probably laugh at you when they hear about such a thing it turns out successful people perform their tasks using a regular calendar scientists claim that 41% of items people put on their to the list are never done at all if you really want something done pick at a time and duration for completing the task and let your calendar guide you.

#Golden Rule No – 4

To overcome procrastination beat your future self think about how your future evil version of yourself is gonna jeopardize your best intentions let’s say you want to start jogging this week or you want to start working out but you know that your evil future self might snooze that alarm for 30 minutes and is gonna give up doing sports so how do you fight him back just set the alarm and leave the phone on the opposite side of the room so that in the morning you’ll have to get out of bed and shut it off then you might be thinking well I don’t know where my gym clothes are I’m gonna workout tomorrow instead and now it’s high time to get some more sleep no way beat yourself by putting your sneakers in plain sight go to sleep in shorts you have to think about all the ways you’re gonna procrastinate all the excuses and then make an effort to beat them once and for all.

#Golden Rule No – 5

But there are always be more to do I’ll tell you something back when I was a young and stupid intrapreneur I thought eight hours a day wasn’t enough I worked for sixteen or twenty hours sometimes five days a week wasn’t enough I’d work the whole week without days off then my girlfriend started calling me saying it’s already 8 p.m. the dinner got called a long time ago when are you coming home sitting in the office I was like living in five minutes although in fact I would still be there in an hour from my experience I realized one thing and I now want to share it with you successful people understand there’ll always be more to do therefore they work effectively when the time is right Andrew Grove intel founder and CEO wrote my day ends when i’m tired and ready to go home not when i’m done I am never done there will always be something to do you can always do more but whether you have a 10-hour workday or a 12-hour workday or even a 6-hour workday be efficient during that time and allocate free time from your work to self-development improvement of your personal and professional qualities planned meetings that you enjoy let it be a date or some time with friends parents or kids.

#Golden Rule No – 6

Always carry a notebook all the successful people I spoke to carry a notebook many of them claim that the notebook is a required attribute that should always be with you it’s an opportunity to jot down little notes throughout the day be journaling ideas for future projects notes from meetings and demands or words of wisdom from the book you’re reading now it actually changes the way of life and the way of thinking it’s also a great to empty your mind and not keep a massive amount of information on it by gathering everything important in one notebook which is always at hand you can stay focused and active longer if you write down all ideas on paper right away you’ll be surprised how many thoughts you’re having during the day and how many useful pieces of information you’ve already lost because you didn’t have this habit until now.

#Golden Rule No – 7

Control your inbox to be honest many people use email text messages and social media apps as a form of procrastination as a small reward that will provide a minor Dopamine release it’s gonna be something good but all these companies out there and all the people in our lives they just want our attention and it’s fine however don’t forget it can get in the way of our productivity just shut off all the notifications on your phone it’s okay if during the Working Day you have a five-minute coffee break you go to your email or Twitter but do it when you want to do it for example i refresh my social media feeds only three times a day morning noon and before bedtime although I know people who do it once a day and some of them even once a week some may say that I am an a social type and give up on the outside world and other people okay you can refresh all feeds once an hour or every 30 minutes but you’ll be doing it at your convenience the idea is for this to happen systematically so if you still haven’t shut off your notifications yet do it right now.

#Golden Rule No – 8

Learn to say no of course we cannot just say no to our boss and refuse to meet other people but we can say no much more often we can say no to a lot of things like meetings before noon for example after all you can keep your deep work in the morning and make some arrangements in the afternoon and if you have to say yes to a meeting you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time there basically you can discuss all the details within 5-10 minutes but I’m just giving you an example in fact it’s worth saying no as often as possible try saying no for at least one day a week all right and we are moving on to the next Golden Nugget.

#Golden Rule No – 9

Saying no to everything that doesn’t support your ideas and your goals I don’t want to seem rude but highly successful people know what their values are they set their goals the right way and then fill their calendar with events and things that help them get there it leaves little or no time for other things we were raised in such a way that if we want to be liked we gotta like first to do this you have to be sympathetic and help others you don’t want to be rude and consequently it’s natural for us to agree to everything people asked us to do and I did it too even if I knew that it would ruin my plans and my schedule I would push other things back and each time I tell myself this is the last time so you should learn to say no to anything that distracts you confuses you or might change your schedule no need to be rude of course you can do it in a delicate polite way.

#Golden Rule No – 10

Follow the Pareto Principle the Pareto principle is more commonly known as the 80/20 rule his idea is that 80% of the results come from 20% of the activity so you gotta slow down and look at all the work you’re doing to build your business and get your work done and then identify the tasks that are getting you the maximum results and focus on those.

#Golden Rule No – 11

Focus on your unique strengths don’t forget about the delegation of authority you know I’m a perfectionist after all no one can do anything as good as I can that’s why I have to do everything on my own to do it right but remember the 80/20 rule when I delegate some work to other people on my team it’s not gonna be perfect they might make some mistakes or they might need a little more time but you need to learn to be okay with this and let it go because by doing this I just free up more time for myself and I can spend it on more important things and spend time with the loved ones.

#Golden Rule No – 12

Batch your work with similar themes innovative managers often assigned the list of tasks and responsibilities so that employees can concentrate on one specific type of work successful entrepreneurs should have three focus days a week and dedicate them to allocating current tasks and analyzing work that’s already done these days it’s also essential to set goals develop short-term strategies and analyze sales and income levels these are the days when you need to solve business issues signed documents keep working correspondence and catch up on important calls it’s vital to do all the administrative work on these specific days and then when you have three days you should recharge get ideas for new projects get inspired and spend time alone with your thoughts.

#Golden Rule No – 13

If you can do something in less than 5 minutes do it straightaway when you pick up your mail there are usually a lot of advertising brochures bills newsletters which you should have get rid of a long time ago I used to bring them to my house leave them at the entrance sometimes forgetting about them sometimes getting back to them after a week with us I got a pile of waste paper which cluttered everywhere now I sort my inbox before I even get into the house and when I go inside I immediately throw everything I don’t need into the recycle bin I save time I keep the apartment tidy and know where my bills are don’t put off what you can do right now just learn to touch everything once.

#Golden Rule No – 14

Routinely use early mornings to strengthen your mind your body and your spirit when I ask people to give me some productivity tips for the day I expect to hear something about task lists calendars or priorities but most of them told me my number one productivity tip is what I do in the first hour of the day and it’s not about getting work done as soon as possible but about boosting your energy and your brainpower successful people don’t wake up feeling stressed than rushed to the office and get absorbed with work emails and deadlines their first hour of the day or at least 30 minutes they take care of themselves they invest in themselves to be more resilient and prosperous reading , meditation, working out, find that unique morning ritual that you’ll enjoy and find useful.

#Golden Rule No – 15

Productivity is about energy and focus not time we all have the same amount of time a thousand four hundred and forty minutes per day we can’t get more of that the idea is to take care of our bodies work out drink enough water get enough deep sleep additionally you should remember that the most productive and successful people take more breaks we are designed that we do our best give a 100% and then we rest so be focused work diligently don’t get distracted by trivial things and then take a break breathing in the fresh air refresh your feeds have some tea and start your tasks again, Renderyourmind is your opportunity to get more successful healthier and more productive.


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