4 Ways To Become More Productive In 2022, How To Be Efficient At Work

Professional success is dependent on being highly productive. This is what distinguishes high-performers and low-performers.

However, most people struggle with productivity. Most people struggle with productivity because the list of things to do never ends, the distractions never cease, and there isn’t enough time in the day for everything.

It doesn’t take rocket science to become highly productive. Let’s take a look at four ways you can be 10x more productive.

#1 Stop doing ‘busywork’

People are often very busy but not productive. They spend too much time on’busierwork’ activities, and not enough time on the tasks that really move the needle. It’s almost like running around in circles. It’s like running in circles.

To massively improve your productivity, the best thing is to delegate, outsource, or eliminate tasks that aren’t contributing to your goals as much.

You save time, energy and attention , which can then be used to accomplish your goals.

Only a handful of tasks really matter.

According to the 80/20 rule about 20% of your tasks are responsible for 80% of desired results. These tasks have the greatest value and produce the best results. 20% of the tasks contribute only 20%. This is called busywork.

The 80/20 rule isn’t always a fixed one. It can be 70/30, 90/10 or even 70/30. It is important to remember that only a small amount of input can result in a large number of outputs.

It’s important to put more emphasis on your most important tasks, and less on ‘busywork’ in order to make this your best year yet.

It may seem obvious , and we intuitively know it . But you’d be amazed at how easy it can be to get distracted from ‘busywork’ if you don’t clearly identify which tasks are mission-critical.

Make a list of the top 5 most important tasks, and your most energy-draining, time-consuming ‘busywork’ activities.

You’ll see faster progress and more meaningful results if you dedicate most of your energy and time to mission-critical tasks instead of to ‘busywork’.

#2 Work With Laser-Focus

It is those who are able to focus on their most important work without being distracted that get the job done quickly and with high quality. They are the ones who succeed in life and work.

Our focus is the enemy number one: distractions. Distractions include social media, emails, and smartphones. However, there are also distractions like inner chatter, interruptions from colleagues, or distractions through email.

These distractions can be more distracting, stimulating, and enjoyable than the task shouldbe doing. These distractions are also easier to find than ever before. This is exactly why many people struggle to resist distractions.

It is human nature to seek out the quickest and easiest way to get the most stimulation. Human nature is wired to look for the shortest and most effective way to stimulate our brains. This can lead to lower productivity.

You must remove any distractions from your work environment, especially when you are working on the most important tasks. Cal Newport says that you need to enter deep work mode. This mode is where you are most productive and create the best work.

When you focus for at most two hours on a crucial task with your full attention , magic happens. It’s possible to achieve amazing results if you can focus your attention on one task for a while.

Unfortunately, in today’s distracted society majority of people have never seen what their minds can do when they direct it towards a single thing for a prolonged period of time.

For the new year, you should incorporate a 2-hour deep-work session each day. This will allow you to focus on one task and not be distracted. It will transform your productivity.

#3 Invest More In Yourself

Any productivity tip in the world can be tried, but none will compare to investing in yourself. You will get more meaningful results if you are a better person. You’re your greatest asset.

You’ll be able to do extraordinary work by learning more, developing high-value skill sets, and investing in yourself. You’ll not only be able execute your tasks more efficiently and complete your projects faster, but you will also be able produce better work.

Overall, investing in yourself will result in better results in a shorter time, which is, to me, the definition of productivity.

#4 Follow A System To Achieve Your Goals

Many people have goals but few people have a system to help them reach those goals. But, it’s the system which leads to success. It will help you to make steady, daily progress towards your goals.

Pablo Picasso once said that “There is no other way to success.” There is no other way to succeed .”

A system doesn’t work because there is no focus . This can lead to more ‘busywork’. It’s too daunting to set a long-term goal and it’s difficult to know what next steps should be taken.

People tend to procrastinate, get distracted by less important goals, ideas, and projects.

You can have complete clarity about what you need to do now to move towards your long-term goals by following a system. You will be incredibly productive if you keep your eyes on the prize.

Personally, I use a system that breaks down my ambitious goals into smaller “checkpoints”. This helps me to not get overwhelmed or intimidated by my goals.

Additionally, I know exactly what I need to do today and this week to reach my goals. This has been a huge game-changer in my productivity and success.

Don Lancaster stated that “Most impossible dreams can be achieved simply by breaking them into bite-size pieces, writing them down and believing them. Then, you can go full speed ahead as though they were routine.”

What I suggest is to break down your big goals into the following points:

  • Quarterly goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Weekly goals
  • Daily goals

Instead of feeling intimidated by the mountain’s size, all you need to do is get to the next “checkpoint” and move on. It is important to maximize the day and not be intimidated by its size. All you have to do is make it to the next ‘checkpoint’ and move on. Your daily actions will align with your long-term goals.

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