6 Daily Habits Of Successful Person, Best Habits For Success

Learning doesn’t end when you get your degree. It starts as soon as you do.

Albert Einstein stated, “Wisdom does not come from schooling. It is a lifelong effort to attain it.”

My experience is that I feel more fulfilled when I learn more.

To help me gain as much wisdom and knowledge as possible, I have established some daily learning habits.

#1 Curate Your Digital Feed

Social media is a source of entertainment, gossip and conspiracy theories. It’s not a source for inspiration or learning; it’s a source to distract.

What if you were to open Twitter or Instagram? Would you be greeted by inspiring accounts instead of just shoving mindless entertainment in front of you?

Studies show that the average person spends 2 hours, 25 minutes per day on social media.

It’s important to make social media a priority. Make learning and inspiration your default option. It makes you more productive and helps you improve your self-improvement skills.

#2 Prioritize Self-Education

While I don’t want to criticize the formal education system I am here to encourage self-education. Self-education can change your life.

Learning doesn’t end when you graduate from college or university. It never stops. Learn from experts by reading their books, podcasts, videos, and listening to their podcasts.

You are a human being. You have the power to control your life. You can decide how successful you want to be.

You can learn any skill anytime, especially with all the information available online.

You can access a wealth information via YouTube videos, blogs, posts, SkillShare classes and books, as well as email newsletters and podcasts. No excuses.

You don’t have to be a teacher or have a formal education in order to learn new skills and gain wisdom. Self-education is possible. All of us can.

#3 1 Hour of Entertainment → 1 Hour of Learning

According to studies, the average person spends 3 hours per day watching TV (Netflix excluded) and almost 2.5 hours using social media every day.

This does not mean that you should ban entertainment from your daily life. It doesn’t mean you have to live like a Spartan. It’s not much fun to live like that.

But, do you really require 5+ hours of entertainment per day? Personally, I don’t believe so. For me, two or three hours is enough.

What if you could trade an hour of Netflix, social media, or streaming for one hour of reading, listening, or following a course (on SkillsShare, Coursera, or any other type of learning)?

One small change to your daily routine can make a huge difference in your professional and personal development.

Earl Nightingale stated, “One hour per week of study will get you to the top in your field in three years.” In five years, you will be a national authority. You can become one of the most skilled people in the world within seven years.

You have the choice of whether you want to binge-watch every Netflix show or learn more and prepare for a better future.

#4 Stop Judging People, Open Your Mind Instead

My personal belief is that everyone can learn from us. We can all learn from everyone, no matter who they are: the janitor, the CEO with a high success rate or the criminal.

However, most people let their egos, beliefs and judgments get in the way when it comes to learning from others and having an open mind.

They refer to a spiritual person as a strange. A successful entrepreneur is a workaholic. They call a wealthy investor likely a jerk.

What if your judgement was replaced by curiosity? What if you asked questions about the thoughts, habits and daily lives of others?

What if you opened your mind instead of quickly jumping to conclusions?

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but you must at least be open to new ideas. You can’t keep an open mind when you have already decided what you think of someone.

Let go of your judgments, ego, and beliefs. This will allow you to be open-minded and learn from others. Your brain should be curious.

#5 Read Books. Read Some More

Reading is for the mind what exercise can be for the body. In just a few weeks or days, you can acquire the knowledge that someone has spent a lifetime learning (through trial-and-error).

The best life hack is to read books. It’s no surprise that the average millionaire reads 24 books per year for learning purposes.

Books have taught me more about entrepreneurship and marketing than any formal business education.

#6 Learn About Topics You’ve Rejected

Learning about topics that you have rejected is one of the best ways to make yourself wise.

Since 2017, I have been against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. It was a huge bubble and I judged anyone who had crypto.

The truth is that I missed out on 4-10x returns because the topic was rejected.

My mistake was that I didn’t bother to learn about crypto. Although I didn’t spend a single minute to understand it better, I did have an opinion. That’s stupid.

It is wrong to reject a topic without knowing more. It is a mistake to reject a topic without learning about it.

You will only see incremental improvements if you stay within your bubble. If you take the time to study other subjects, you will make huge leaps in your knowledge of the world.

In spite of my ignorance about crypto, I decided to learn more about it. I watched interviews with Blockchain experts (such this and this), and read books like Blockchain Revolution.

Since then, I have decided to dedicate at least a portion my investment portfolio to crypto (mostly Bitcoin or Ethereum), as I believe it is more than just gambling.

Learn about the topics that you have rejected. Challenge your beliefs. This is the ultimate form wisdom.

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