7 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Stupid | Valentine’s Day is the worst


7 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Stupid

it’s not special what does every guy on this planet generally say to his girlfriend honey every single moment my life spent with you this special if every single day with her is already special than what is Valentine’s Day special ar than special because if you do believe Valentine’s Day is special then you’re basically saying honey every other day with you is just average explain that to her.

[1] It Screws With Your Free Will

Since I have the capability to produce thought I don’t want to do something simply because it says so on the calendar an instead of saying spend your money on gifts and expensive dinners it said grab a knife and kill the person nearest to you or grab a puppy and drop it from the tallest building would you do that – hell no you would say I’m not killing a puppy I’ve got more sense than that but the same logic disappears the moment it’s about killing your pocket common sense and the believed you had about you being sensible.

[2] It’s About Shareability

Since we live in a world where being Wireless more important than common sense the entertainment media is on a constant lookout for anything viral which they can turn into cheap views and shares and suddenly here is one thing guaranteed to stand on the calendar to be a trend and it doesn’t matter if you share Valentine’s Day articles or anti-Valentine’s Day memes or articles they’re going to create both for you because if it is a trend it gets more shares and the more shares it gets the more revenue generates so however hard you may try it’s inescapable.

[3] It’s An Ugly Thing

Because it’s not really a celebration but a mafioso kind of hit on people’s insecurities there are a lot of people who are not single by choice and such days only remind them of their inefficiency to find a person who loves them back this day basically serves an unwarranted depression to a countless number of people and we’ll just that Valentine’s Day is so annoyingly bothersome that it forces people who are proud and comfortable with being single to share crossing that means and articles just to announce to the world that they are single by choice you don’t have to prove anything to anybody.

[4] The Idea Of Romantic Love

It celebrates the idea from antic love relationships are not a montage of holding hands candlelit dinners make love in slow motion in the girl with the perfect hair and makeup in every see if that woulda relationship there wouldn’t ever be any breakups relationships are actually dealing with the other person’s habits stays choices preferences ideologies commitments fixations degree of intimacy with friends of the opposite se* the space equation ex-boyfriend, se* couples, hard friends, ex-crush, it’s emotional baggage, fear, has fantasies, insecurities, basically too much.

[5] Fiction Vs Reality

Valentine’s Day is basically choosing fiction over reality well we know real life is boring so Valentine’s Day is simply trying to escape from the monotony of life this day is basically a battle between real life and fiction so you be the judge which is better fiction in which Leonardo DiCaprio falls in love with Kate Winslet makes out a lot and then dies a brutal death a reality in which Leonardo DiCaprio has banked all these women and is still alive you choose.

[6] Probability

It this appointment is at the door it’s six consecutive days of doing something or the other then there’s the element of expectations to be met she has to be satisfied or blown away then there are her friends with their respective boyfriends who might be more affluent than you and might give them something that you can’t afford your girlfriend would never ask you for anything like that but deep inside she’s dying of envy I’m not saying it happens with everybody but it happens a lot still women are very competitive with each other.

[7] It’s A Commercial Cesspool

You think logic and common sense can defeat this together no this day it’s a giant corporate orgasm people are buying and gifting all kinds of stuff to each other it’s actually not a celebration of love it’s a billion-dollar industry which is why every coming Valentine’s Day and start playing on television weird hashtags emerge from brands that have nothing to do with love a couple of celebrities jump in and suggest you to buy something this Valentine’s Day make it special by planning a trip to somewhere romantic buy her something expensive like diamond earrings or a platinum bracelet take her to her favorite restaurant if you haven’t ever taken her to the same case before but it’s different this time don’t ask any questions just spend your money it’s Valentine’s Day then if you love her tell her that every single day make each day special for her and vice versa if you need a date on a calendar to celebrate your love or to make her feel special you are doing it wrong so if you two think Valentine’s Day is stupid share this article we need more smart people like you and have a great day.


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