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What’s Stopping You

Are you exhausted didn’t get enough sleep don’t have enough energy not enough time is that what’s stopping you now do you have enough money is that the problem or the only thing stopping you is yourself excuses sound best to the person that’s making them up get off the pity party get rid of the pitiful habit of telling everyone your sad sob stories about how miserable you are so that people feel sorry for you if you ever see me in a rolls royce leaving the best hotel living his life to the fullest don’t be envious that’s because I worked non-stop to reach at the top nobody gave me anything just like this wake up wake up the beast inside you the game is on it’s time to take advantage of the resources that you have that your country and your environment have do you have problems in life problems with society it’s time to change that if you want something go and get it you see making up excuses won’t help your explanations are lies and how do we destroy lies we kill those with the truth and the truth is that you have the time you have the skills you have the knowledge and support and willpower and discipline to get things done all life achievements begin with the challenge and nothing’s gonna come to you on its own it won’t fall into your hands and it won’t be easy to achieve something it’ll always be hard but if you want something go and get it it’s your chance it’s your moment it’s your time it’s your place this is your opportunity tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow no tomorrow’s anymore we only have today today is the moment when you have to go after your dream and fulfill it work grow rise above yourself there’s no limit to perfection no matter what you’re working on now work harder be more diligent and more responsible make a little more effort than usual it’s time to be better.


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