Ways to Stop Cravings for Unhealthy Foods | How To Kill Your Cravings?


You Need To Understand The Enemy First

So let’s get into the science of it first so the simplest explanation for cravings is this the first human appeared on earth around 1 or 2 lakh years ago now 1 or 2 lakh years ago there wasn’t even any farming every single human had to hunt for their food even Indian humans used to hunt for food so we were genetically modified like this trade was passed down the generations and humans were built to like sugar and high-calorie foods now this affinity towards high-calorie food and high carbohydrate food was okay one hundred thousand years ago when we burn off those calories by walking and running and hunting and things like that but fast-forward to the 21st century our brains are still in that hunting mode but our lifestyle has changed all of us have office jobs now we don’t hunt anymore we’re not nomads anymore all of us are just staying at home but we still have an affinity for sugar and we have an affinity for high-calorie food which our bodies can’t work off by themselves so even now if we have high calorie or high sugar foods our brains be like wow that was so satisfying people don’t generally crave chicken breasts of paneer it’s always cake or a chicken patters or a burger or something with carbs this is because our brains crave carbs now cars are broken up really easily by a body and a packed full of energy so your body chooses the path of least resistance it’s the easiest to digest for energy that’s why most people crave carbs and the one carb that’s the easiest to break down is sugar.

Now Coming To Beating Cravings

There are two ways to do this the first way is the physical or physiological way this isn’t scientifically proven but I am talking from my own experience dieting and from the experience I’ve had with my clients so every time you’re craving a chocolate cake or lemon tart instead of killing your craving with that cake I’m getting zero nutrition you go and have some form of protein, this works for all human beings irrespective if you gym or not you need to have protein in your diet and as Indians we’re getting very little protein now this works scientifically because protein is structurally very complex it’s very difficult for your body to break down so every time you’re craving something sugary some form of carbohydrate and instead you have protein your stomach is full with that protein it’s very difficult for someone to absorb all of that very easily by consuming protein you’re definitely killing your appetite and you’re kind of killing that craving as well but what’s more important is that by eating all that protein you’re getting a lot of nutrition something that you weren’t getting through that cake now by protein I don’t mean butter chicken or that paneer chili you get at restaurants I mean clean lean protein that’s carb free and low in fat grilled chicken breast, pan seared paneer, legumes, protein shakes, go the healthy way kill your cravings with healthy food the second way and the more important way in my opinion is psychological now I go to the gym to make my muscles stronger I put them to some stress so that they react and they become stronger tomorrow your brain works the same way every single time you’re beating a craving it’s kind of like a workout for your brain and I am talking from personal experience this has happened to me every time I could be the craving the next day I didn’t really get that craving or the craving wasn’t strong enough or I was stronger than the craving that’s what you should strive to do try eating cravings to make your brain a stronger place and to get the power part of your willpower up initially of course it’s going to be hard to beat those cravings but every time you’re creating something unhealthy picture yourself a year from now do you still want to be at the same weight you are lose weight pictures are thin picture the kind of compliments you’re going to get that kind of stuff should motivate you should push you in healthier every time you’re craving that spoon of ice cream at night remember even that one spoon there’s a bunch of calories that your body doesn’t need I used to have a sweet tooth myself I used to crave lemon tarts cakes and I used to go and have them every single day there wasn’t a single day metal started where it didn’t have some dessert after dinner and that’s why I exploded into a fat mess but I took that initiative to become thin I took the initiative to beat all those cravings and today I don’t have a sweet tooth at all I don’t even enjoy desserts when I do have desserts it’s so sweet for me and I feel so guilty afterward that the experience isn’t worth all the calories that one spoon of ice cream can be the difference between you being unhealthy and unhappy or healthy and the happiest you can possibly be trust me when you do reach a really good level of fitness you understand that it’s not just the external happiness that you get it’s also the happiness you get inside your body that’s what you need to keep in mind guys keep your goal clear in mind and I’m sure you can achieve it if you’re psychologically strong.


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