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How to be successful in 2020

Glory doesn’t happen in front of the crowd it doesn’t happen in the stadium or on stage you won’t get any medals here it happens in the early morning darkness in isolation where you try to get better again and again you must strive to be the best you can possibly be better than you were yesterday better than people thought you could be even better than you thought and claim a victory that no one can ever take from you the success that you earn every day the triumph of determination will and discipline you will get there for sure because you will not stop it’s the character of who you really are the title doesn’t make you it’s not the success that makes you it’s the character that defines success defines fame it all starts with character triumph doesn’t happen on the stage or in the arena it’s in the thousands of hours of training spent in the training hall in the office or the lab it depends on what you’re working on right now why are you wasting your potential and small insignificant things develop leadership skills do your job right or don’t do it at all if you’re hardworking you’ll have your hand raised on the boxing ring one day listen to yourself uncover your true calling try to do your best every time you’re working on something once.

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I walked into the office of a company that I really wanted to work at but I had no experience recommendations or even friends in high places all I had was a burning desire to be part of the team that I’ve been dreaming of since my uni after a short conversation I heard we never took anyone who has no experience in this area and then I went so I can be the first one I believed in a miracle and brought it to life and if I could become someone that no one thought I could be then you can do it too no need to believe in a lot of things what you need to believe in is yourself do it right now find greatness in yourself you’re not gonna find it by looking in a book or even listening to me I can only give you a little extra kick you need to look deep inside to find it I want you to realize that only you can change yourself it all starts with no one watching if you start changing when no one is watching then you’ll be a completely different person when everyone is watching.

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